UN Women and Coca Cola 5by20 programme has trained and supported a total of …….women.

The implementation of the Empowerment of Women Entrepreneurs Project (EWEP) project was launched in South Africa in 2013. The project which is being implemented in a partnership with UN Women, the Coca-Cola Company and Hand in Hand SA is aimed at empowering women entrepreneurs by building their capabilities to run sustainable businesses. The project came about as a response to address the plight faced by small business owners who do not realise business expansion and growth due to a number of challenges such as limited entrepreneurial and business management skills, limited access to market information and supply chains, limited access to appropriately packages finance, limited access to skilled labour among other challenges. The EWEP project seeks to build on current efforts to promote women entrepreneurs in South Africa by bringing in the contribution of the private sector and development institutions. The project is aimed at contributing towards women’s economic development through training women entrepreneurs mainly running retail enterprises in business management skills and providing follow-up support activities. The project is being implemented South Africa in 7 provinces.